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Sample preparation / Re: Mice brain preparation for HPLC
Hi! Your question has been tweeted by the MetSoc EMN ( received the following answers:

CAROLINA GONZALEZ: we use an extraction method for multiplataform analyses. We add MeOH:H2O 50% (1mg tissue:10uL solvent) for Mouse face Brain homogenization using a TissueLyser. Then, we mix 100uL of brain homogenate with 320uL MeOH + 80uL MTBE (for lipids) DOI: 10.1021/acs.jproteome.8b00816.

WENYUN LU: For tissue samples our preferred extraction method is first grind into powder then add 40:40:20 methanol:acetonitrile:h2o+0.5% formic acid then neutralize with 15% NH4 HCO3 followed by two rounds of centrifugation.

Feel free to follow up with further Qs here or there!
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