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XCMS / diffreport fails to generate EIC and stops -- Error in profEIC
I am currently experiencing a problem I have never encountered before while using diffreport. This is the error I get and I do not quite understand what it means:

Code: [Select]
Error in profEIC(object, mzrange = mzrange, rtrange = rtrange, step = step) : 
  'mzrange' number 9 (0, 368.159214087178) is outside of the mz value range of 'object'

This is the code that I use:

Code: [Select]
report <- diffreport(object = xset, 
                       class1 = "KO",
                       class2 = "WT",
                       filebase = "diffreport", eicmax = 50,
                       sortpval = TRUE,
                       metlin = 0.5, mzdec = 4)

When I change eicmax and set it to
Code: [Select]
eicmax = 5
, the code works and I have no problem. But I do not understand why it fails to work with 50.