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XCMS / Error in if (any(rtdevsmorange/rtdevrange > 2)) warn.overcorrect <- TRUE
I tried to run XCMS on the cluster, and in the peak allignment step, I used the following script, then I got the warning in below, is there anything wrong with my scrips?
pgp <- PeakGroupsParam(smooth = "loess",
                                    span = 0.6,
                                    minFraction   = 0.2,
                                    family = "gaussian",
                                    extraPeaks = 1)
xset_aligned <- adjustRtime(xset_grouped_first, param=pgp)

#Performing retention time correction using 5846 peak groups.
#Error in if (any(rtdevsmorange/rtdevrange > 2)) warn.overcorrect <- TRUE :
 # missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed
#Calls: adjustRtime -> adjustRtime -> .local -> do_adjustRtime_peakGroups
#Execution halted