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MS-DIAL / Retention times in MS-DIAL library.
Dears MS-DIAL developers,

In the MSP library retention time for each compound is specified. What are the chromatographic conditions (column, gradient, temperature, etc.) the data was collected with? 

Thank you in advance.
MS-DIAL / MS-DIAL Alignment export result

Dear MS-DIAL developers,
I start working with the software and took “Mouse tissues.(3.6GB)” as training project using “MSMS-Public-Neg-VS15” as MSP reference library.
At the end of data processing I exported the results into alignment results table (attached).
There are a lot of columns in the obtained table, part of them more clear part of them – less.
I would like to understand the meaning of each column.  Unfortunately I didn’t find related information in tutorials.
Where such an explanation could be found? 
Thank you.