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R packages for metabolomics / CliqueMS new R package for the annotation of adducts and fragments in LC-MS
Dear Forum Members,

I want to use this sub-forum for announcing CliqueMS, a new package for the annotation of isotopes, adducts and fragments in LC-MS untargeted metabolomics. CliqueMS is based on a network algorithm for grouping features that are likely to belong to the same metabolite. Then, within each group it annotates isotopes, adducts and some fragments in a flexible way.

Last package version can be installed from the github:

Moreover, there is an online Application for those that do not use R, called CliqueMS Web:

For both the package and the Web Application there are tutorials to learn how to perform the analysis. For those who want to know all details I link the publication of the algorithm:

As the developer of the package, I will be happy to answer questions and doubts regarding the use of CliqueMS.

Kind regards,
Oriol Senan