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MS-DIAL / MSDIAL 5 Template for Internal Standards

I am trying to upload the list of internal standard from the equiSPLASH mix in MSDIAL5 and I'm unsure where to load it in the new software.

1. Do I add it during the Identification Step as a "Text" Database?
2. If yes, what is the suggested template for it? The 4.9 template does not seem to work anymore and the software closes without any error messages after I click "Run."

Thank you
MS-DIAL / MS-DIAL not progressing to the next step after Analysis Parameter Setting
Hi -

I recently collected data on an Agilent 6545 QTOF in negative and positive mode. The analysis of the positive mode data ran fine - I was able to get to the main screen after searching and alignment. However, the same data set but in negative mode, I wasn't able to get passed the Analysis parameter setting. I set it up the same exact way (albeit for negative mode).

I have tried versions 4.90 and 4.92, and on different computers and have obtained the same result.

Any advice helps.

MS-DIAL / Issue MS-DIAL on a Fresh Install of Windows Server 2019 Standard

 Does anyone know of the solution of the problem I am having?

I have analyzing Agilent .d files for lipidomics on a machine with a fresh install of Windows Server 2019 Standard.

I have another similar machine with the same operating system and MS-DIAL works as intended.

The error I'm getting is: "Cannot open this file: <FILE LOCATION>

I am using MS-DIAL 4.90 on both machines. Is there anything I need to install to make MS-DIAL compatible with this new system?

Thank you,
Fernando Tobias