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MS-DIAL / Areas of EquiSplash Lipidomix
Hi everyone.
I work with green coffee beans, using 15 uL of EquiSplash and 7.5 mg of milled coffee beans.
In the lipidomics workflow I have had difficulties to find the deuterated standards, even though I know that they are there in my raw data. Has everyone had the same problem ?
Do I need to do something to identified these compounds ?

MS-DIAL / MS-DIAL 4.48 for IMS samples (Agilent)
I am trying to process LC-IM-QTOF data  in the MS-DIAL 4.48, but the time to end has been higher than I was expecting.
I am processing only two lipid samples, because it is only a test. This is my first time with ion mobility, but I have been using MS-DIAL for my first work using lipidomics and orbitrap.

The computer is a desktop with 192 GB of RAM.

Do you have long processing times for ion mobility data ? More than 3-4 hours ?

Thank you.
Ana Carolina Rosa