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METLIN / Metlin gen2 subscription, AWS alert
Hello colleagues,

My student and I have yearly academic subscriptions of metlin gen2 from last year. (two separate accounts)

We have issues when we search a lot of times (I don't want to say this is a lot of times, but they mentioned it is unusual), the Amazon AWS tracking system sends an email to alert for EULA violations asking the explanation with 30 minutes.

What we are doing now, finding unknown chemicals from microplastic weathering/aging and airbone particulate matters using LC-QTOF data.

We have huge unknown peaks (over 4K~ 15K statistically different peaks).

We never do any violations, but they send email to explain the situation within 30 minutes.

I felt guilty for something, because they treat us like criminals.  It is hard to understand why they reacted so sensitively.

I tried to communicate with Mass Consortium team about this. 

I wonder some one have similar problem with Metlin gen2.

Has anyone ever talked to the Mass Consortium team at Scripps about this?