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MS-DIAL / Spectra extraction for database creation
Dear all, we are using MS-DIAL 4.24 v for the extraction of MS and MS2 spectra in MoNA format (.msp). Our files are acquired in an Agilent QtoF 6560 by direct injection.  We have some questions:

1. In the beginning we were fragmenting 4 precursor ions per cycle resulting in a low number of scans per peak. Thus, the software didn´t pick our compound of interest and we couldn´t extract the spectra. Is there any procedure to pick up peaks with a low number of scans? After increasing the number of scans the software was able to pick up the compounds.
2. If we are applying several (up to 3) collision energies in the same file, is it possible to obtain different extraction features files for the different CE?
3.  For the identification of the peak, do we have to use the alignment result file or the individual compound file?
4. Once in MS-Finder, can we export batch files in MoNA format (.msp)?