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MS-DIAL / Verifying MS1 Identification Accuracy
Hello all,

I am working on lc-ms/ms data using MS-DIAL v.4.9.

My samples are animal tissues but I found some plant metabolites in MS1 after identification.

How do we check whether the identification of these MS1 metabolites was accurate or not?

Thank you.
XCMS / xcms.retcor error
Hello everyone,

I tried to run Workflow4metabolomics on Galaxy, but I got this error in xcms.retcor process.

Can anyone figure out this?

Thank you

MS-DIAL / Comparison of MS-DIAL Versions for UHPLC-MS/MS Analysis
I have installed two versions of MS-DIAL, V.4.9 and V.5.1. I have noticed that when running V.5.1, the retention times (RT) of my compounds do not match the reference RT, and there are instances where compounds with the same m/z do not align in RT. However, when using V.4.9, some of my compounds' RT can be matched to the reference RT. I have several questions regarding this:

1. Which version is more suitable for UHPLC-MS/MS analysis?
2. Why does version 5.1 not provide RT matches to the reference?
3. I am curious if the parameters we used during the HPLC run are different from those of the reference. In such cases, how can we select compounds that match both RT and m/z from the reference?