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Good day you'll

 Someone know how to compress lipid maps in .lbm for database uses at MS DIAL?

 Already tried to do it sometimes, but never works.

MS-DIAL / Which version is more stable?
Hello everyone

 Im having alot of trouble with the new versions of MS Dial, even with 32gb ram I cant use it without trouble. Suffering with stutters and alot of crashes.

 Im running lipidomics with a single database with .wiff files and Dial crashes everytime, or just freeze.

Anyone know some version more stable?
MS-DIAL / Re: Peak integration in MS-Dial
Hello Sergei
Normally, in my case, I just manually integrate it to zero.
I dont know if there's some way to put some 0 baseline, maybe at the normalization... IDK.
MS-DIAL / Re: SCIEX 5600 Qtof data (IDA mode) with MSDIAL
Hello Mwang, I got the same Sciex but I'm doing Lipidomics instead. But I did some tests to understand how MS DIAL works and I have some issues when, first: MS DIAL just dissapear with the channels, with makes me question about the confidence of DIAL, and second: I could just use my datas in MS DIAL when it accepts the .wiff, it because when I use ABF, I lost many data infos.

 Did u already tried to use the recent versions of DIAL? Maybe it'll help.