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MS-DIAL / Re: Version 5.1.22 Takes considerably longer than 4.90
Last post by mecolley -

Adding to this now that all data sets have crashed multiple times. All files seem to load and during the "processing" bar, the software closes out and there is no project file made. My sample table is setup to have a QC and a blank. I made sure all of the files are the same polarity. I'm trying version 5.1.221224 now, but it's barely made it halfway through one file in the last hour.

I am excited to use the new version, so I am hoping for some potential solutions or ideas.
MS-DIAL / Re: Version 5.1.22 Takes considerably longer than 4.90
Last post by mecolley -
Follow up to this - one of my sample sets crashed without any notice or warning during the stage where it's loading each data file. Is there an error log somewhere so I can try to get to the bottom of why it's so slow and failing?
MS-DIAL / Version 5.1.22 Takes considerably longer than 4.90
Last post by mecolley -
Hello all,

I recently downloaded MS-DIAL 5.1.22 to re-analyze data which I have already processed in version 4.90 without issues. My data in version 4.90 took approximately 4 hours to analyze and we are on 24 hours in version 5.1.22 (and only halfway through). I didn't see in the new version anywhere to increase the number of threads.

(its stuck here)

My computer is not at any resource utilization cap and I still have 500 GB free on my C drive and 500 GB on my D drive where the data is being processed and saved. The IBF files for my timsTOF data were generated in the IBFcoverter located in the 4.90 version folder since my 5.1.22 file is missing an IBFconverter.

Any ideas? I'd love to use the new version, but I can't have my computer running this process for the next 72 hours... I am not sure it'll even pass!

Thank you,
MS-DIAL / Thank you for tutorial videos on YT
Last post by berrytf -
I just wanted to say as a user of your software that the new tutorial videos posted on YouTube are a huge boon for use of the software. While the written tutorials on github are also welcome it appears that many of them were made with older version of the software that have changed. Unfortunately the written tutorials don't necessarily reflect the changes that have been made to the software since. The video versions of the tutorial are a nice touch to show up-to-date information on the wonderful software this group has put together. Thank you so much for both the software & the informative videos.
MS-DIAL / Where is the IBF converter in the new versions?
Last post by mecolley -
I am trying to load my timsTOF DDA data into version 5.1 and I noticed there isn't an IBF converter. Do I have to use an older version?

Also, when trying to load my older .ibf files that generated a good alignment file in version 4.90, the entire data set with my parameters fails the joint aligner and gap filling and can't generate a .eic file. Any suggestions?
MS-DIAL / Re: Parser error with the console app
Last post by Ville Koistinen -

To get back to this matter, we have tried again with version 4.92 and the same issue persists. It seems that version 5 does not yet have a console app – are there plans to introduce it?

I am attaching a parameter file that we tested.

Thank you,
MS-DIAL / "Retention time correction" not work
Last post by AndreaG -
Goodmorning, I have a problem with the new version MSDIAL-v.5.1.221218.

I tick box of "Execute retention time correction" like the older version but when, to the end of setting parameteres, the window dedicated is opened "RT correction" button is not clickable.                
I cannot proceed to identify standards etc.

Does anyone know how I can fix this issue?