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Title: [Zoom Workshop] Feature-based Molecular Networking with GNPS (May 13th and 14th)
Post by: Daniel on May 11, 2020, 07:39:23 PM
Learn how to use Feature-based Molecular Networking and MZmine to analyze LC-MS/MS data. We're excited for the 5th round GNPS workshop series, this time with a double-pack on Wednesday, May 13th and 14th @ 9 AM (Pacific).

The week after we will process the same data-set with Ion-Identity Molecular Networking (FBMN) than included orthogonal edged based on different ion adducts.

Info material and zoom details can be found here:

Day1 (LC-MS/MS data pre-processing with MZmine)

Day2 (FBMN Job submission and cystoscape):

All other upcoming workshops are here:

Hope to see you around!