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xxJournal partnership

August 30, 2016, 10:47:08 AM by MetSoc
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After a partnership of ten years, the Society's contract with Springer Science+Business Media has expired. After much discussion and lengthy consideration, the Society's Board of Directors now believes the time is right for a new publishing model to be adopted that better represents the interests of our membership, provides added value to members, appropriately balances benefits and risks, and allows the Society greater editorial and copyright control.

The Metabolomics Society is proud of its association with Springer's Metabolomics journal. Past and present members of the Metabolomics editorial board, and in particular the editor-in-chief, have been supporters of the Society since its inception, and we are sure they will continue to push forward the ideals of rigorous scientific endeavour to which we all aspire. We deeply appreciate their contributions.

The Society's Board of Directors is currently reviewing proposals from candidate publishing houses.  After considering opinions expressed by the membership, we hope to launch the new Society journal in the near future. We hope that all our members will enthusiastically embrace this new endeavour.

For discussion and your thoughts, visit the forum under the Publication Committee:

xxAnnouncing new forum

Jan Stanstrup
June 16, 2016, 11:55:18 AM by Jan Stanstrup
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Dear members of the Metabolomics Society and users of the metabolomics forums,

The Website and Communications Committee, of the Metabolomics Society is excited to announce that we have now merged and updated the previous version of the and the Metabolomics Society’s forums (previously
We hope that this new forum will re-ignite vibrant discussions on all things metabolomics. We have packed the new forum with new features to inspire just that. Please read below in the next post, if you want to know more about some of the new features. Please give us feedback and comments for improvement, all suggestion are welcomed. Please use the site related forum for suggestions and bug reports.

Old forum profiles
Because we merged the two old forums into a whole new forum there might have been some changes to your old user account. Following changes has been implemented:
we merged some accounts with the same name (or user ID) to avoid duplicate accounts.
In all cases the password from was used for the new account.
Please check your previous usernames in the user list and let me know if your accounts were not merged.

To avoid carrying over a lot of spam accounts, we have deleted all accounts with zero posts. Please feel free to create a new account if yours was deleted, our apologies for that there was no easy way to “separate the wheat from the chaff“.
For users moving over from the Metabolomics Society forum, you might have to reset your password to be able to login.