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Announcing MetaStars

Hello Everyone,

We are happy to announce the launch of Metastars: Metabolomics Explained, a online Question and Answer website that targets the scientific field of metabolomics.

We hope to develop it into a general and public repository of Metabolomics related information. All content created in our sites as well as the software are licensed under maximally permissible licensing schemes.

And  a bit of history

Metastars is based on the Biostar engine that was launched four years ago and has by this time grown into the most popular resource for Bioinformatics related knowledge.

I am the lead developer of Biostar while also being a faculty member at Penn State. Last year I was approached by Dr. Andrew Patterson (also at Penn State) about the possibility of launching a site with a different focus. I immediately embraced the idea because I grew to greatly greatly appreciate how such sites and communities work and develop and I do believe that they represent a new way of  interacting with our colleagues and students. Therefore we set out to rewrite our codebase to allow it to independently support different sites beyond bioinformatics.

Metastars is the first site that has launched with the new codebase and our first foray into a new field. We hope that you find it useful and start to contribute. Like Metastars Biostar has started with just a few posts in 2009. Today is a repository of almost 100,000 questions, answers and comments created by about ten thousand individuals. Analytics show that over half a million people per year visit and read content on the site. Best of all it is has proven the value of accumulating and sharing the collective wisdom and thus propelling scientific discoveries,  facilitating and building inter-personal relationships, educating and training those that wish to know more.

We invite everyone to visit and join our community.


Announcing MetaStars

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I had previously seen some videos of this gentleman and they are all very nice. When you read this I will probably sit back in the plane to Bonaire. This time I have the gopro my son taken away and hope therefore I will soon be a few nice shots to show you. greeting Martin