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Editing Wikipedia Metabolomics Page


This post is related to the outreach of metabolomics. ;)

If one Googles 'metabolomics', naturally the first hit is Metabolomics@ Wikipedia:  :)

However, this is poorly narrated, organized, content are out dated, not growing/ enriched with latest discoveries/ inventions/ tools/ workflows, no attractive pictures and so on. For instance better definitions are available  than the existing : "metabolomics is the "systematic study of the unique chemical fingerprints that specific cellular processes leave behind"". :'( Also, at present the information are heavily tilted to few popular tools, and scientific groups only- the vast majority are still missing. :o

Of course other platforms exist for such information, however, Wiki is Wiki, and first hit is important for out reach. Entire community efforts, MetSoc members, EMN/ ECRs should take  a lead to do so. ::)

As a MetSoc community, EMN, ECRs it is vital for us to make/ edit the page to inform public and interested researchers on the actual potential of metabolomics, which is currently lacking. We should start EDITING on a regular basis with "pictures, tools, links, references, real (updated) definitions, platforms, applications and so on. This is of importance as far as I am concerned.

Just a suggestion- such community efforts and outreach is an important avenue to be not overlooked for a sustainable future with and around Metabolomics. :))

Thanks and regards,
Biswa Misra :))

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Excellent suggestion

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Good suggestion - perhaps you can kick it off Biswa? :-)