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Quality control metrics for metabolomics
Dear metabolomics community,

as developers of the OpenMS mass spectrometry analysis software, we would like to provide standardized quality control (QC) metrics for metabolomics analyses. However, the spectrum of what is considered a good measure to control quality is quite large. We assume that we as developers know only the tip of the iceberg of sought-for metabolomics QC metrics.

This is why we want to reach out to the community to find out which measures these are.

- What do you commonly look for (Think QC metrics like mass accuracy of features across samples, elution time stability, mass accuracy versus standards/putative candidates(?), m/z distributions per sample, ...)?
- What would you appreciate to exist/be publicly available (e.g., in order to not having to (re)implement it yourself)?
- What do you think should be controlled in QC procedures?
- What would you need if someone shares data with you?
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Re: Quality control metrics for metabolomics
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Hello Fabian,

Can I move this to standards/QC? This is very interesting and important topic.

Best Wishes,

Re: Quality control metrics for metabolomics
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Sure, by all means. We initially just weren't sure were to best put this.
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