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Sieve v2.2


I would like to ask if some of you is using Sieve? 
I have just installed Sieve 2.2 on VM with windows2010... (already this probably is a problem...)
So after installation, I cannot open any old files with data processing.   :-[
Secondly, Sieve let me start a new Experiment, let me chose what kind of experiment I want to perform, I can up load files, Sieve sees at least reference file, becuase takes correctly information regarding Rt and m/z range. Once I click on "Run As Workflow", it take 3 minutes to perform all analysis, and unfortunately I see 0 features. Sieve is not able to look for features from files. Allignment is limited to reference file only. I am not sure why this problem is occuring, I don't know how to resolve this problem. 
No allert or error appear on the screen. 
also no allert was appearing during installation on windows2010....

I would appreciate any help.