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METLIN Batch Search Output

Hi there-

It seems up until recently that METLIN search metabolites (batch search) site had the option to export searched results in the form of a .csv file directly to your computer. Was this option taken off of the site? Are there any ways to get around it besides copy and paste from the results screen?

Thanks very much.


Re: METLIN Batch Search Output

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Same observation here. Seems like they may have deactivated this feature. I am hoping they would enable it back again tho.

Re: METLIN Batch Search Output

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Its seems a bit ridiculous to allow people to do a batch search and then not be able to download the results.... doesn't make any sense.
From my perspective it means that we will no longer be using Metlin data in our research/analysis.

Re: METLIN Batch Search Output

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please help me in downloading the searched results by batch analysis of input masses. i am unable to download the searched results. is there any way to do it.?

Re: METLIN Batch Search Output

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It seems that the Feature is off. Thank God i had the .CSV downloaded already otherwise it would have taken so much time. Now i just need to batch print all the docs and i need a Batch Printer. I have heard PrintConductor [ http:// ]does a good job. Any suggestions?

Re: METLIN Batch Search Output

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Hi! I agree that the Feature is off. But for batch print all the best to use FolderMill (http:// This program is faster and supports more printers.


Re: METLIN Batch Search Output

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Hi all,

I have a work around for not being able to download the results as a .CSV.

1. Highlight all of the text in the search field/metabolites. To do this quickly, highlight the top line, scroll down to the bottom result and hold shift and highlight the last line, this should grab all text in between.
2. Copy and paste all text using "Match Destination Formatting". This eliminates the images, colouring and stuff, reducing the chance Excel will freeze.
3. Click on the "A" button at the top of Column A, go to "Find and Replace", skip the first box so that it is looking for blank cells and add something unique to the "Replace with" box. For example, "AAA".
4. Manually delete rows until you have METLIN ID, Mass, delta ppm etc. as the top row of the sheet.
5. Filter the top row using column A to find rows that do not contain metabolites. For example, this row should only contain numbers between 3 and 6 digits, so you can search "daltons" and delete all rows containing that phrase. Then repeat this for other phrases "m/z", "showing", "next" etc.
6. You should end up with a table containing just the metabolites organised by increasing mass and none of the other guff. Basically, it looks like a .CSV that you can download from HMDB or somewhere similar.

Hope it helps!