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Metabolomics Bio&Data workshop Sept 25-27 2017

When: Sept 25-27 2017
Where: Vorau, Austria
To register and for more information, go to, and follow us on Twitter @MOVISSmeet

More information:
We would like to invite you to Bio&Data, the first workshop of the newly established MOVISS - "Mountain Village Science Series" taking place in Vorau, Austria (Sep 20-23, 2017). MOVISS Bio&Data is different to the usual conferences. It is rather constructed as a small, problem-driven meeting, full of discussions and questions about how to deal with metabolomics data reasonably. In this way, we hope to constructively engage some of the greatest minds collaboratively in solving some of the challenges of the metabolomics and bioinformatics community.

Four sessions are planned, each devoted to a separate step of the metabolomics process; Design of Experiments, Analytical Analysis, Data Processing and Statistical Analysis in the biosciences will all be discussed including your data if you bring them for discussions.

We plan a summary of this discussion will be produced as a paper for publication to share within the wider metabolomics community. Finally, you can continue with the R Summer School from September 25 - 27, 2017 in Vorau!
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Re: Metabolomics Bio&Data workshop Sept 25-27 2017
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We are planning to have "data clinic" in MOVISS and asking you to bring your data, for discussion and problem-solving.