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How to view a completed job
Hi all. I was wondering if someone could shed some light on my situation. I submitted a job, and afterwards I received emails saying "Job Queued", followed by "Job Complete". This is all well and good. However, when I go onto the XCMS online site (while logged into my account) and I click the "View results" page, the job in question still says "Queued" in the status column - and so I can't seem to view the results. This is despite receiving an email telling me "Job Complete" - and yes, it is the same job number.

Within the "Job Complete" email itself, it reads:

Your job (#1155533) was successfully completed. You may access XCMS Online ([%FORMS_RETURN_URL%]%FORMS_RETURN_URL%) to view your results.

However, the link they provided in the email ([%FORMS_RETURN_URL%]%FORMS_RETURN_URL%) did not work, quite obviously.

I'm a bit confused as to why this is happening. The job seems to have been submitted successfully, was queued and then (according to the email notification at least) was completed. However on the website, it's still in the "queued" stage so I cannot access the completed job results. Has anyone encountered this problem before? How do I resolve it, so that I can actually view my results? Am I forgetting to do something I'm supposed to in order to get access to the completed job? Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance!