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New Zealand's use of sodium fluoroacetate as an aerially applied rodenticide

Hello, my name is Elisabeth Frankish and I am one of thousands of New Zealanders who are very concerned about our government's use of sodium fluoroacetate as a rodenticide, which is dropped by helicopter into New Zealand native bush including waterways. I'm not a trained scientist but am looking for an appropriate forum in which to ask questions about the metabolic pathway of sodium fluoroacetate and its metabolite fluorocitrate, and the implications of low-dose poisoning especially on the unborn, male fertility and neurotoxicity.
I have done some research and see that there are two other compounds which also metabolise to fluorocitrate, they are:
1. fluorouracil which is a chemotherapy drug, and,
2. fluoroquinolone which is an antibiotic.
Both of these drugs have multiple adverse effects which appear (to me) to be comparable to the adverse effects of sodium fluoroacetate, and I wonder if it is because we're really dealing with the adverse effects of FLUOROCITRATE, rather than the initial compunds. May I ask you all your thoughts?
If so,  would it be possible to borrow the research for fluorouracil and fluoroquinolone  and apply it to sodium fluoracetate? I have asked this question rhetorically on our Facebook page 1080 Eyewitness.¬if_t=like¬if_id=1502852914481434&ref=m_notif
I attach a diagram showing my question in concept. One of the reasons that our governments continues to drop it is that there is "no evidence" of the impacts, because the research "has not been done".
I am one of many thousands of New Zealanders who I greatly concerned by the implications of this poison and we would all be very grateful for your help, thank you.
Yours sincerely,
Elisabeth Frankish
Member of "1080 Eyewitness."

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