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3D renderings of metabolomics data

Does anyone know what program was used to generate Figure 5 (A) in this paper?  I am looking to export my data to make a similar image and cannot find it- thank you for any help! ... h1038.html

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Re: 3D renderings of metabolomics data
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It looks like a MATLAB plot to me.

But you might get similar results using R, e.g.
- with the RGL package
- or using Rcmdr's built in scatter3d function


Re: 3D renderings of metabolomics data
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Would anyone know what the excel file looks like for uploading into Matlab?

I am trying to relate m/z (x), retention time (z) and abundance (y)- my problem is that I don't see a straight forward way to do this- every tutorial is based on calculating a the third variable and not just uploading the data.  I already have all of the data, I just need to figure out how to format it in Matlab for visualization-

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!