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Problems with multigroup job

Hi there,

I'm a new XCMS online user and I created a multigroup job to compare 4 groups of samples. I have the following questions, especially about parameter setting of statistics.

1. I'd like to pick out the features that are different in at least one group, so I chose ANOVA (parametric). A green button "VIEW PAIRS" showed up. I clicked this button and a new window popped up, saying "Please match samples in each dataset for t-test analysis. You may drag samples vertically to order list." What does this mean? How can I drag samples? It seems that there is nothing I can operate on this page. Another option of statistical test is welch t-test. If I choose this option, which pair will be compared? The "VIEW PAIRS" button disappeared when I chose this option.

2. I set post-hoc to true, but why I cann't find any information of post-hoc in my result table.

3. Can XCMS online do normalization? If not, I'd like to retrieve the integrated peak intensities of each sample for each feature. However, the result table only gives the maxint. Where can I get this information?

I would greatly appreciate it if you give me some feedback!