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Conversion from .RAW to mzXML and then export specific scans as .txt
Hi all,

I am currently in the process of doing some data analysis for some MS/MS work I have been doing. I am planning to use SIRIUS ( for molecular formula elucidation and structure prediction. SIRIUS needs centroided data, however, and unfortunately my MS2 analysis was all accrued out in profile mode. Additionally, the version of Xcalibur I used was several versions out of date (SP 2.2, rather than 2.9), so there . I understand that converting from .RAW to mzXML also converts the spectrum to centroid, but I have yet to find a software that then allows me to open .mzXML files and interact with the spectra, including exporting specific scans as .csv or .txt files. I need the raw data as text so that I can write my own .mgf files which contain the relevant information per energy level. I have tried software such as OpenMS and ProteoWizard, both of which seem to allow me to view spectra, but not exports the scans I am interested in. Could anyone suggest a free software that would allow me to do this?

Thanks a lot!
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