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Sample Preparation to Analysis Strategies in Metabolomics Training Course

Venue: Birmingham Metabolomics Training Centre, School of Biosciences, University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK.
Dates: 16-18 January 2019 | 25-27 September 2019
Level: The course is aimed at PhD students and post-doctoral researchers.

This 3-day course will provide a comprehensive overview of dealing with complex biological samples for LC-MS analysis. We will illustrate the different approaches that are available to analyse a range of biological samples, applying complementary approaches to maximise the coverage of the metabolome.

Topics include:
•   Quenching and extraction strategies for different biological samples
•   Hands-on sample preparation using different sample types
•   Hands-on HILIC and reversed phase LC-MS data acquisition
•   Solid phase extraction clean up methods
•   An overview of data analysis and metabolite identification

Bursaries: A limited number of bursaries are available for PhD students funded by NERC.

For further information and registration details, please visit or contact