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Dear Metabolomicians!

Does anyone of you use MAVEN?

I am having problems visualizing data. I ran an untargeted experiment with data containing MS1 and MS2 (Top10) spectra (QE Thermo Fisher). I converted the .raw files to .mzXML and opened it in MAVEN.

In the attached screenshot you see the dashed TIC (why can't I get it smaller? How can I change the appearance?) and the EIC for the positively charged glutamate ion. Believe me, in Compound Discoverer or the Qualbrowser glutamate gives a strong and beautiful peak in the same dataset.

Do you have a hint what I should be looking for? Or does MAVEN simply not work with untargeted data from MS1+2 Top10 experiments?



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Hi Debbie,

I haven't used MAVEN and by the lack of responses, it doesn't seem like many (any?) people here use it.

I would suggest trying a few things and letting us know if any worked/didn't:
  • Increase the ppm window until you see the peak you expect. If you never see it, there is likely a bigger issue going on.
  • Use msconvert and save the data with and without centroiding.
  • Use msconvert and save the data with a filter for MS1 only.

I assume you are using MAVEN for the analysis part of the program?



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As another follow up, you could look at "El MAVEN" ( The website says the following:
Maven and El-MAVEN share following features:
  • Multi-file chromatographic aligner
  • Peak-feature detector
  • Isotope and adduct calculator
  • Formula predictor
  • Pathway visualizer
  • Isotopic flux animator
El-MAVEN is robust, faster and with more user friendly features compared to Maven.
It is being updated fairly recently, with the latest release coming out just 5 days ago.