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EMN Webinar 23/24th April!

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Session 3 (2019) : Expert Speaker Dr Hiroshi Tsugawa , 40 min presentation followed by 10 min Q/A
23th April 2019 at 23:00 UTC (23:00 GMT, 18:00 EST, April 24th 8:00 Japan time)

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Computational mass spectrometry in metabolomics to deepen the understanding of metabolisms

Computational mass spectrometry is a growing research field to process mass spectrometry data, assist the interpretation of mass fragmentations, and elucidate unknown structures with metabolome databases and repositories for the global identification of metabolomes in various living organisms. In this talk, Dr Tsugawa will introduce three metabolomics software programs which include (1) MS-DIAL for untargeted metabolomics, (2) MS-FINDER for structure elucidations of unknowns, and (3) MRMPROBS for targeted metabolomics. These programs are demonstrated to perform the comprehensive analyses of primary metabolites, lipids, and plant specialized metabolites where unknown metabolites are also untangled with various methodologies including stable isotope labeled organisms, metabolite class recommendations, and integrated metabolome network analyses. In addition, a computational workflow to link untargeted- and targeted metabolomics is also highlighted in this talk.
Speaker Details Dr Hiroshi Tsugawa got his PhD at Osaka University in Japan, 2012 (in metabolomics for bioengineering) and moved to RIKEN in October 2012. He belongs now to two different laboratories within RIKEN institute: 1) the metabolome informatics research team at RIKEN Center for Sustainable Resource Science and the laboratory for metabolomics in RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences to learn lipid chemical biology. Dr Tsugawa is developing the tools for computational mass spectrometry for metabolomics, which are distributed at RIKEN PRIMe website (