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METLIN license


I want to build an in-house metabolomics workflow on our linux server, and include MS/MS library search module with several databases including METLIN. Can someone tell me where to get the METLIN license?  One place I found is, but it seems like a 2017 version.



Re: METLIN license

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Hi everyone. This is Simon Aloo from Korea.
I would like to inquire about the accessibility of the Metlin database system. Previously, we could easily access the ion fragment details whenever we search for a particular compound. This process made it easier to accurately identify compounds. However, currently, whenever I click the button of MS graphs, I am not able to see the picks of the fragments of a given compound. The names of different compounds come, but to identify them by comparing their peaks with database information is not possible. Please, if anybody has any solution, may I kindly know. I'll appreciate it so much.
Thank you all