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EMN Webinar 18th September!

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Next webinar by Pr Gary Siuzdak "Discovering Metabolites that Alter Physiology, an Omics Perspective"

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Metabolomics and the comprehensive analysis of the metabolome and lipidome has traditionally been pursued with the aim of identifying biomarkers in the diagnosis and prediction of disease. However, the value of metabolomics has been redefined from a simple biomarker identification tool to a technology for the discovery of active drivers of biological processes. It is now clear that the metabolome affects cellular physiology through modulation of other ‘omics’ levels, including the genome, epigenome, transcriptome and proteome. In this presentation, I will focus on our recent progress in using metabolomics to understand how the metabolome influences other omics and, by extension, to reveal the active role of metabolites in physiology and disease. This concept of utilizing metabolomics to perform activity screens to identify biologically active metabolites — which we term activity metabolomics — is already having a broad impact on biology.

Nature Biotechnology 2018, 36 (4), 316-320.
Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology 2019 online.

Speaker Details
Gary Siuzdak, Professor and Director of the Center for Metabolomics at The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California ( Gary’s research focuses on developing mass spectrometry-based metabolomic technologies including, XCMS ( and METLIN ( informatic tools, artificial intelligence, metabolomics activity screening and their applications to fundamental biochemistry and therapeutics.