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European RFMF Metabomeeting 2020

Registrations for #MetaboEU2020 (early bird deadline Novembre 8th 2019)

20 travel grants available for early carreer scientists

Many talks opportunities (selection on abstracts):
2 keynotes
14 talks
6 early career talks
2 flash sessions

6 invited speakers
Pr. Warwick (Rick) Dunn, University of Birmingham, UK. MS - Human Health
Dr. Maria Fedorova, Universit├Ąt Leipzig, Germany. Lipidomics - Human Health
Dr. Ingela Lanekoff, University of Uppsala, Sweden. MS-Imaging
Pr. Zoran Nikoloski, Max Planck Institute, Germany. Modelling - Plant metabolism
Dr. Emma Schymanski,University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg. Chemoinformatics - Environement
Pr. Marcel Utz, University of Southampton, UK. NMR - Methdological and technological developments

Several Workshops
"Meet the editor" (Roy Goodacre, J. Griffin et al.)
"Toulouse school of lipids" (J. Bertrand Michel et al.)
"Workflow4Metabolomics" (M. Tremblay Franco, Yann Guitton et al.)
And more to come!

Organised by European affiliated societies:
French-speaking Metabolomics and Fluxomics Network (RFMF)
German Society for Metabolomics Research
Italian Metabolomics Network
Metabolic Profiling Forum (MPF)
Netherland Metabolomics Centre (NMC)
Nordic Metabolomics Society
Scottish Metabolomics Network
Spanish Metabolomics society
Swiss Metabolomics Society

180 Chemin de Tournefeuille
BP 93173 F31027 Toulouse Cedex 3