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retention index (dictionary)

Dear Hiroshi and MS-DIAL developers,

for GC-MS processing using RI, would it be possible to change so that the user has to define only once the reference ABF alkane file (and the txt dictionary) instead of doing it for every single ABF sample? Alternatively, if it is possible to have a "fill-down" function, or to copy and then past the path through all the sample rows at once.

Thank you!


Re: retention index (dictionary)

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Hi Stefano,

there is the auto fill option in the RI dictionary path setting window.
Please "right-click" on a data-grid cell of RI-file setting window after one dictionary file is set from the file browser, and then, you will find the option of "auto fill" there.


Re: retention index (dictionary)

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Thank you Hiroshi, I had missed that.  I will definitely use it the next round :)