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About the use of MS-DIAL

Hi guys,
I have some questions about the use of MS-DIAL. The first question is I can not find a place to assign the internal standard when I run the latest version 4.12. The instruction say it do has a place to assign the IS. But the Instruction was written based on the version 2.28. Since the MS-DIAL has more than fifty versions, does it have a instruction about the difference of these versions?
The second question is about the result of identification.  Is the software has an access to modify the identification result?
The third question is about the result of alignment. We want to use the MS-DIAL for pathway mapping and correlation analysis of data from different platforms. But we do not know how to merge the alignment results from different platforms and use it for MS-DIAL based pathway mapping and correlation analysis.
Could you please help me?

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about internal standard setting, please see:
Second, to modify the annotation result, one way is to use a "glass' button as attached. Or, for example,
1. open one alignment result.
2. on alignment spot viewer, click "show ion table" showing alignment table viewer.
3. here, you can modify the metabolite name by yourself. (but I recommend to put comments on comment column actually to keep the original annotation..

Finally, about the integration of pos/neg or completely different platform for pathway mapping. (sorry, there is no correlation analysis option in msdial)

1. as the condition, you have to import the same number of analysis files in each project. Then, you have to set the same "Class" name for the file group. Then, each project should have at least one alignment result.
2. Open one project. Then, open one alignment result file.
3. Go to Data visualization -> Pathway mapping
4. in lipidomics project, choose "metabolite name" as the key value, and in metabolomics project, please choose "inchikey" as the key value.
5. if you wanna import other project result, here, the program accepts max four additional project data.
6. Simply, click load button, then, choose "***.mtd2" project file of such the other project.
7. Then, choose one alignment result file.
8. After all project imported, please click Mapping. Then, you will find the result as attached.


Re: About the use of MS-DIAL

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@Hiroshi Tsugawa Thank you very much! MS-DIAL is really powerful´╝ü