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GC-TOF data in MS-Dial

Recently I tried to use MS-Dial to analyze GC-TOF data. They were acquired by LECO GC-TOF and in the cdf format. But there's always a problem after data import like the screenshot attached. Did anyone meet similar problems?

Re: GC-TOF data in MS-Dial

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Hope your Leco CDF data is not from 2D (GC x GC) runs? Then it surely runs into problems and does not handle 2D GCMS data.

Also, alternatively, using Mass++ ( you can convert those .CDF (if obtained from 1 D GC-TOF instrument) files into .mzML first, which works great with MS-DIAL.


Re: GC-TOF data in MS-Dial

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the direct reading for netCDF needs the install of unidata api from the following website.

Here, basically (if your PC is 64 bit) download and install netCDF4.7.3-NC4-64.exe.
Then, select an option 'Add to PATH'.

The last section of the following FAQ is related to this issue.