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question about QuantMass

Hi Hiroshi,

I was wondering why in some deconvoluted features the QuantMass is not the major mass observed in the representative spectra, like in this case (attached). Is there a setting to change this?



Re: question about QuantMass

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Option-->alignment result property setting, then you can input what you like!
In my opinion, QuantMass does not necessarily be the major mass. I think the most abundant unique mass is the ideal QuantMass.

Re: question about QuantMass

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Thanks. Yes I am aware that one can change each one of the QuantMass manually in the alignment result. I was wondering if there is a way to define how the QuantMass is picked. I assume(d) that it is the most abundant mass, but that does not seem to be always the case. 

Re: question about QuantMass

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Hi, I have actually realized this issue recently. The problem is that the algorithms to retrieve (A) the representative spectrum from samples and (B) the quant mass from samples are different and independently performed. Therefore, I should modify the program to (for example) retrieve the quant mass candidate from the masses included in the representative spectrum.
I will fix the program till the next update.