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Can't start a new project


Thanks a lot for the wonderful software you've developed. Unfortunately, in our lab, we are two scientists to have recently install MS-DIAL 4.16 on our windows computers and the software keeps crashing when we want to create a new project. After selecting a project file path and all the correct conditions related to our files, when we click "next" the software closes. We both have the same issue. Any suggestion?


Re: Can't start a new project

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Hi Jean,
I had the same problem, it is either due to the dotnet (.NET) configuration in your system, or that you do not have English language set


Re: Can't start a new project

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Great, it's working now


Re: Can't start a new project

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I have the same problem wit MS-Dial, and I installed English language set in windows, but the problem is still here. Could you explain the method with .NET configuration?
Best regards