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Areas of EquiSplash Lipidomix

Hi everyone.
I work with green coffee beans, using 15 uL of EquiSplash and 7.5 mg of milled coffee beans.
In the lipidomics workflow I have had difficulties to find the deuterated standards, even though I know that they are there in my raw data. Has everyone had the same problem ?
Do I need to do something to identified these compounds ?

Re: Areas of EquiSplash Lipidomix

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Hello, may I consult you a question?
I used SPLASH LIPIDOMIX in milk.  How can I quantify the lipids?Could I choose splash lipidomix to normalize the data  in the normalization of ms-dial?

Re: Areas of EquiSplash Lipidomix

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Hi. Sorry for my late answer.

Regarding quantification, I would rather normalize areas in excel, because MS-DIAL quantification is better to plasma or tissues samples.
If you need more help please send me an email:

Best Regards,
Ana Carolina


Re: Areas of EquiSplash Lipidomix

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You can annotate the splash lipidomics standards by e.g. attached format files. (please fix the  retention time information.)
The attached file is for equisplash mixture.
Then, using the SPLASH normalization in ms-dial becomes straightforward.