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Manual curation of Alignment

Hi Hiroshi,

I am not sure if I do this steps correctly. I am following the instructions.
The second middle panel looks good with the peaks aligned, but the third panel  -"manually curated chomatograms"  - does not Update, and looks exactly the same as the top panel before manual curation.  See attachment

I see that in the bottom panel, it changes the color of the integrated chromatogram area.  Is it correct that the position of the chromatogram in this panel remains as in the first top panel (and not as in the middle one) ?




Re: Manual curation of Alignment

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yes, I think that is expected. The third panel shows you how the integrations look on the actual data after correction.


Re: Manual curation of Alignment

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OK great, thanks.
I assumed that, but in other software I worked with the aligned peaks are always shown like in panel 2, so it was not super intuitive :)