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Delete features

Hi Hiroshi,

would it be possible with the next version, to add the possibility to delete a feature directly from the Alignment Table (e.g. right click--> delete) ? That would be great while doing manual inspection of the features



Re: Delete features

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And, the other way round. Would it be possible to have the functionality to "add" a new feature
E.g. similarly as from the table chromatogram viewer for manual curation?


Re: Delete features

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as far I as know no option to delete - just add comment for filtering/sorting. Manual addition of peaks is also not (yet?) implemented...

Re: Delete features

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Thanks Romanas for the post.
Yes, as you know, that is what we should do for further update.
Now, we are renewing the source code structure of msdial and msfinder for future update to deal with many other data including imaging ms and other omics layers like proteomics.
Then, we will tackle this suggestion.