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MS-DIAL Wish List for 2020-2021!

Hi Hiroshi,

Thank you for all the quick answers and continually improving the greatly useful tool!! : )

A wish list to request you for further consideration (based on challenges I face and where I feel MS-DIAL could help me!) :

1. What it takes for MS-DIAL to also recognize the spectral library/DB as “.mgf” format as well? In that way in addition to .MSP we can also use, for example entire GNPS Natural Products libraries amounting to thousands of spectra being added on a daily basis for MS-DIAL annotations ? Esp. When .mgf to .msp format conversions are not trivial .

2. Integration of “MS-FLO” into MS-DIAL would help In (a) consolidation of feature redundancy issues, and (b) help one report unique features from positive and negative mode runs as well ? 

3. I see pathway functionalities  added in MS-DISL but with KEGG not ideal for lipidomics data mapping or enrichment, adding “ChemRICH” as a MS-DIAL option would be fantastic for a user! Esp. with many untargeted LCMS workflows capturing bunch of lipids, doing separate pathway analysis for metabolites and lipids do not make sense !!

4. Lastly, may be a goal for 2022, I would like to see support for GC xGC (2D GCMS) data (.cdf) data analysis given the current LACK of open source tools in this area and monopoly of 1-2 vendors (and matlab tools) leading to inconveniences !

Looking forward to your thoughts and some promises!

Hope we all come out of this COVID pandemic unscathed! Stay safe and healthy!!!!

Best regards,
Biswapriya B. Misra, PhD
Assistant Professor
Center for Precision Medicine
Department of Internal Medicine
Section on Molecular Medicine
Wake Forest University School of Medicine
Cell: +1-352-215-6040
Office: +1-336-713-4622

Re: MS-DIAL Wish List for 2020-2021!

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Thanks Biswa! I will keep them in mind.:D