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I was wondering if there is a specific range minx for number of threads in MS Dial 4. I work in a workstation with 20 cores 2.2 GHz(2 processors) x64. I don't know exactly how to translate my CPU power threads to MS Dial threads. I usually use 3 threads.


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In data processing "Analysis parameter setting" tab click the "Advanced" and in the Multithreading input how many threads you want to use.

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I don't think you understood my question.
I know where to fill the number of threads, I don't know how to calculate this based on my computer power.

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did you solve this question?
Maybe, you can understand the "maximum" number to be used for multi-threading by seeing attached (see logical processor).
You can go to this by 1. open task manager 2. go performance tab.

Also, MS-DIAL correctly set your maximum thread number internally even though you add 1000000 value for the multithreading parameter.