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MS-DIAL problem

Hello everyone,
I have a problem connected with starting a new project: after I create New Project, choose a folder and press Next, the program suddenly closes. I have Windows10 on my computer and have already tried previous versions of software. Do anybody know how to fix it or what could be the problem?


Re: MS-DIAL problem

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please see:
and, the detail is here.

Compatibility issue of Windows OS. Identification will not be correctly performed in some language OS using comma as default decimal separator.
Recently, several users using a specific language OS (Denmark, France, Italy, etc) for MS-DIAL had the trouble where none of identification result is obtained by text file or msp file.
The reason was that several Windows OS use 'comma (,)' as the default decimal separator while the 'dot (.)' separator is used in msp format files.
MS-DIAL is written by C#, i.e. .NET framework, and therefore, the behavior is highly dependent on the environment of Microsoft .NET frameworks installed in the user's PC.
If you face on the similar issue, i.e. no identification result from MS-DIAL, please check your PC condition.
Definetly, English OS should be the best OS for the use of MS-DIAL (in addtion to MRMPROBS, MS-FINDER, and others).