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Dear Hiroshi, Dear Ms_dial user,

Recently I tried to use MS-Dial to analyze GC-QQQ data (Standard of Fames), acquired by Thermo QQQ.
Here I compare 2 Fames standards with 2 blank.
I set the parameter "Minimum peak height" at 1E06. (see parameters_1.png)
After the alignment I checked all the peaks.
As expected, I note that in the blank, there is no peak C18: 3n6 (Peak Id :-2). (see Picture_2.png).
Although the software automatically takes background noise for Blank, the peak heights are less than 1E06.
Having set the parameter "Minimum peak height" at 1E06, I wonder why the blank value is not 0?



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Hi Sebas,

unfortunately, the threshold of minimum peak height is not applied in the gap-filling process of peak alignment....