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Few questions about MS-FINDER

Dear Hiroshi Tsugawa,
I have a few questions about using MS-FINDER, could you please help?
1. Does it allow deleting files from the file navigator? I think it will be very nice to have this function.
2. Does it allow exporting results as .MSP file without peak annotation?  I understand that the peak annotation is helpful to get cleaner spectra when building a library. But sometimes the spectrum seems to be overcleaned that the cleaned spectrum is not representative.
3. when exporting .MSP file from MS-LIMA, the obtained .MSP file has descriptions about each peak that is annotated by MS-FINDER. I have tried that, this .msp file can be used for MS-DIAL, but I am just thinking this information seems not necessary for a library no? can we export the .msp file without these descriptions?

all the best,
Qizhi Su