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Using LOWESS normalization for LC data

Hi everyone,

I would like to use QC normalization using the LOWESS option. Unfortunately MS-DIAL crash after I click on "done" in the span option. I am using MS-DIAL 4.24 (also had the same problem with version 4.20), and a LC project (acquisition in SWATH). It seems to be working with a LC project in DDA acquisition.

Also with both LC projects we have trouble changing the Span (it looks like a mild bug is preventing us to write a span of 0.22 for example like the minimum size suggested).

Anything we could do to use QC normalization for a LC project in DIA?


Re: Using LOWESS normalization for LC data

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Dear Jean,

I just came back to the research job. (I have done many documentations, paper works, interviews etc so far...)
I checked the process, but at least, MS-DIAL DIA project works for lowess in my data sets. Therefore, it may be a data set specific issue of your SWATH project. I do not know why... Can you check the injection order again?
Also, I realized the bug where a minimum size cannot be inserted. I fixed it already, and you can do this by the version of next update.