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MS/MS Spectra in mzML File

Hi Hiroshi,

I am trying out a single +ve mode LC-MS/MS DDA data file (CE: 40 eV) acquired data for MS-DIAL processing.
Though, upon conversion to mzML using msConvert (oth 32 , 64 bit did not work out, peak picking all conditions did not help) can see lots of MS2 spectral data using Mass++ (See pic below) but can not see any MS/MS spectra in MS-DIAL interface (see pic). Attached are the parameters (.txt file) used too. Why is MS-DIAL not able to find the MS/MS data in my processing workflow ?

Not sure what am I doing wrong in MS-DIAL for this single data file ?

Thanks a lot for the help.

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Re: MS/MS Spectra in mzML File

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do you have the right precursor mass in the MS2 spectra data? in your screenshot it looks like all the MS2 spectra are for m/z ~764 ion