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InChIKey Generation


There seems to be a bug in the InChiKey generation. I'm getting a few InChiKeys that don't seem to match their corresponding metabolite. At least, they pull up 0 results on Pubchem. It looks like they should have a S instead of an N in the third position from the end. I listed a few examples below.

Name                             MS-DIAL Generated InChIKey                    Correct(?) InChIKey

Could this be easily patched, or is there a workaround? I guess I could use the SMILES instead of the InChIKeys.


Re: InChIKey Generation

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I also have a same problem - my workaround is to use just the first layer of the InChIKey plus the UHFFFAOYSA-N. Separation of enantiomers (second layer of the InChIKey) is anyway rare on classic LC-MS.

@Hiroshi Tsugawa
I am not sure MS-DIAL/MS-FINDER is generating InChIKeys by itself. It seems there is some library in MS-DIAL which contains UHFFFAOYNA-N ending. Perhaps changing UHFFFAOYNA-N to UHFFFAOYSA-N would resolve the confusion?