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Question concerning the RT and RI in MS-DIAL

Hello everyone,

I have a question concerning the Retention Time and Index in MS-Dial compared to ChromaTOF:

I process Leco BT-TOF accurate GC-MS data. For testing I loaded 5 Quality Controls with increasing concentration. The Peaks are found, integrated and aligned really nicely!

But when I check the peaks in ChromaTOF I dont find any of them at those times. So I looked for my Internal Standard, and when I have a look at the EIC in my blank, there is one nice peak with 361 at 16.7 minutes (the Internal Standard). Yet when I check the time for the peak in ChromaTOF it says 1250 seconds, which would translate to 20.833 minutes.

When I have a look at the Retention Index it says 1890 in MS-Dial, and 2292 in Chromatof, calculated with the same Kovats-RI List.

The files were directly exportet as mzml in centroid mode from Chromatof and then transformed to abf. No Retention Time cutting was performed.

I hope my question is somehow clear and somebody has an Idea what setting I chose wrongly! :)

All the best,
and thank you a lot!