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Announcing new forum

Dear members of the Metabolomics Society and users of the metabolomics forums,

The Website and Communications Committee, of the Metabolomics Society is excited to announce that we have now merged and updated the previous version of the and the Metabolomics Society’s forums (previously
We hope that this new forum will re-ignite vibrant discussions on all things metabolomics. We have packed the new forum with new features to inspire just that. Please read below in the next post, if you want to know more about some of the new features. Please give us feedback and comments for improvement, all suggestion are welcomed. Please use the site related forum for suggestions and bug reports.

Old forum profiles
Because we merged the two old forums into a whole new forum there might have been some changes to your old user account. Following changes has been implemented:
we merged some accounts with the same name (or user ID) to avoid duplicate accounts.
In all cases the password from was used for the new account.
Please check your previous usernames in the user list and let me know if your accounts were not merged.

To avoid carrying over a lot of spam accounts, we have deleted all accounts with zero posts. Please feel free to create a new account if yours was deleted, our apologies for that there was no easy way to “separate the wheat from the chaff“.
For users moving over from the Metabolomics Society forum, you might have to reset your password to be able to login.


Re: Announcing new forum

Reply #1
We are introducing a new portal front page, which shows you the latest posts together with a section of the latest announcements below. At the top of the front page, you will find a navigation bar that can take you to all the forums sections as well as to your private messages. On the right hand side you will find the links to your accounts/profile settings.

(click to enlarge the image)
[attachimg=1 width=800]

New Forum organization
Due to the merger, unavoidably, some forums sections became redundant. Section that were rarely used have now been merged with similar sections under new heading. Click the "Forum" link in the upper navigation bar to see all the current forum sections.
We have organized the forum in categories and sections and sub-sections.

(click to enlarge the image)
[attachimg=8 width=800]

Follow topic and specific forums sections
Below each forum and at the end of each topic you will find a "notify" button. If you enable this you will receive email notifications of new replies.

You can change how you get replies in the account settings. Click "My Account" in the upper right corner --> Account settings. Then hover over "Modify profile" and select "Notifications".

Reply by email
We are also happy to announce that you can now reply to a topic using your email. It works in this way: You go to a forum section you are interested and click “notify”. You will receive an email each time a new posts arrives in that forum section. You can then reply using your registered email and your reply will appear on the forum under the topic you are replying to.

If you do use this feature please remove the quote of the previous post that your email client likely added. Otherwise the quote will appear in the forum too. However be sure to include the key that looks something like "[dceacc6034782277a456839acaa6cdeb-m2937]"; otherwise the post will not be added.

For this feature you work you need to change how you receive notifications to include the whole post and not just a notification of a new post.
Click "My Account" in the upper right corner --> Account settings. Then hover over "Modify profile" and select "Notifications".
We suggest the following settings:

(click to enlarge the image)
[attachimg=7 width=800]

Note: Starting a new topic by email is not allowed.

You can now “mention” other users in your posts, if you want to direct a certain comment at a specific user. You can do this by using the “@” sign followed by the user name; for example write @example_user_name and example_user_name will be notified that you have mentioned him/her.

Post and Member likes
One of the new features that we have added is the ability to like a post or give credit to a user for solving a problem. This way our users can get credit for the time they put into making useful posts.

Hover over a user and you can click "applaud" or "smite":

[attachimg=5 width=327]

Below and to the right of each post you will find the "Like" button:

[attachimg=6 width=307]

Twitter integration
We added to ability to integrated with twitter. @MetSoc-Forums you will find new topics posted with a link to the forum thread. Please use the "follow topic" option to get email notification of new replies to the topics.

Solved topics
You can now mark topics as solved:
[attachimg=3 width=492]

In the list of topics it then appears as:
[attachimg=2 width=335]

RSS feed
You can get an RSS feed for all the forums using:

Code: [Select];type=rss2;limit=50

If you want an RSS feed for specific forums you need to browse to each specific forum. You will see that for example the XCMS forum has the URL:

Code: [Select]

That means that the XCMS forum is board number 8. You can then build your RSS URL like this where I have selected board 8 and 51:

Code: [Select];sa=news;boards=8,51;limit=5

WYSIWYG editor
Now you can format your post with an intuitive editor instead of using codes.
[attachimg=4 width=854]

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