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convert lbm to lbm2


Is it possible for me to convert a lbm file to lbm2? I added some lipids manually and the performance is a bit better when using the lbm2 file.

Cheers, Rico

Re: convert lbm to lbm2

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Hi Rico,

Is it possible to read this file in R?

I want to check if a specific Lipid is covered by the default library.

thanks you for the info

best regards, carlos.

Re: convert lbm to lbm2

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Hi Carlos,

Sorry, I didn't see your message earlier. The LBM file is just a text file and you can read that into R. If you're interested in the code I used, just let me know.

Cheers, Rico

Re: convert lbm to lbm2

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The conversion code to serialize/deserialize the lbm/lbm2 files is not publicly available yet.
The lbm2 file contains many non-publicly available lipids information which is only used in our institute. 
In future, I will distribute the program of course. Please wait for a while.